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If you are browsing using your computer,
here is the Preset install QR Code
(Minimal & Elegant must be installed)

Got lost?

  1. Are you opening this link from Social Media Portal or other application? From upper "3-dots" menu use: Open in browser

  2. Android 11+ Check Phone's Settings:
    - Go to Settings > Apps
    - Open Minimal app
    - go to "Set as default"
    - enable "Open supported links" - open "Supported web addresses" and Enable:

  3. Android lower than 11 Check Phone's Settings:
    - go to Defaults/Default Applications
    - clear defaults for: internet browser, Minimal & Elegant and any other app opening websites
    How? On the 'Defaults' or the 'Set as default' list click your default web browser app and then use: CLEAR DEFAULTS.
    Now you are ready to open presets install links and set app connections

  4. Make sure that you are opening the preset install link by clicking on the link on your mobile

  5. There is also the special import function that works on every version of Android system and browser.
    Just copy the Preset link from the browser address bar and paste it inside the app in: (+) Button > "Import preset using web link".
    Here you can see the short quide:

  6. Need personal guidance:
    - use: Contact form

Have fun with the multitude of superb presets!

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