Content Removal

Content Removal

Users of the Minimal and Elegant Watch Face create Presets & Little World Projects just for their own use and satisfaction as well as to share their ideas with the Google Community.

There are no financial benefits and gains associated with creating and posting Little World Projects.
However, if any of the Little Words Projects violates / is not in accordance with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act you can submit a take down notice.

Your take down note will be considered within 72 hours and if the allegations are applicable, the particular Little World Project will be removed.
Please send all take down notices to

Your take down note should include:

1. The Preset or Little World Project that has allegedly infringed the Digital Millenium Copyright Act
2. The specific address (URL) of the Little World Project
3. Your contact data
4. A statement that under the penalty of perjury, you are authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the allegedly infringed material.
5. Your signature


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