Minimal is Safe

Minimal is a safe app.

Minimal has loads of functions and is integrated with Tasker, this is why some Anti-Virus apps may raise alarms.

Minimal is uploading weather data in the background in periods you can set in the Settings Panel – therefore some apps may recognize it in wrong way as a threat, it is wrong! Minimal downloads data for you and based on your settings. It is the purpose of the watch face with weather info.
Don’t worry – minimal is very safe application and it totally depends on you how it works and what functions you want to use.

Screenshot_2016-09-02-08-38-33  Screenshot_2016-09-02-15-08-45

Such Antivirises can be wrong… 

Do you consider Instagram as a virus? I don’t think so…
Why then Norton is marking it as risky/virus application?

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