Premium Users

Premium Users are users who have installed at least three premium watch faces by Studio eXtreme. Users with premium status get rewards and special badge.

How to become Premium User?
Earn your Premium User status and then use the contact form (link within the M&E app).

Rewards for Premium Users are set to 100 app codes per month.

Premium Watch faces which needs to be installed to get Premium User status:

Minimal & Elegant:

Flip Clock:


When you would have all of them installed just open Minimal & Elegant and your status will be checked and applied, it is then stored together with Minimal & Elegant settings.

Each month there are 100 free codes for apps from Studio eXtreme.
This time you can get BOOSTER TO GO ( premium app for free!

Additionally each preset shared by Premium User has (optional) Golden Badge 🙂

Thank you!
Good luck!