Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

We do care about data security therefore we do not share, sell or collect any information retrieved by our applications.
All information is used only for the Android Wear Watch Face functionality purposes (display and configuration).

The information will be stored only for your personal purpose (with exception for shared presets which purpose is as name suggests – sharing with other users – see Watch Faces Cloud). Sharing Presets is optional but recommended form of involvement into the application & community life.

The Watch Faces Cloud service is based on identification of your Google account and the email boud to this account and it is the identifier in the academy eXtreme Watch Faces Cloud service, therefore fingerprint of this data is stored in your personal Watch Faces Cloud storage (Online Library) in order to identify your settigns and watch faces.

Summary of information in the app and services:
– watch face settings
– google accound identifier
– server logs like ip, service requested, app version
– websites cookies (for our websites)
(our cookies doesn’t allow for user recognition, those cookies are used only for web purposes and aren’t shared or used in any other way, you can opt-out and disable cookies in your browser)

Data Security responsible:

Academy eXtreme (Marcin Stępień)
According to the current law and possibilities given by Academy eXtreme – you have right to remove, modify or check the data related to your service.
In case of any data insight or modification request please send your inquiry to:

Permissions Explained:

Our Application uses only necessary premissions,
all permisions used in all our apps are described below.

Uses the last known location to retrieve the current weather conditions at that location.

Network Access
Retriving weather conditions at your current location.
Rertiving places information in auto-complete Static Location configuration.

Run at Start-up
The application starts automatically when you restart your device to make sure your watch will be receiving all necessary information.

Photo/Media/Files (only in Minimal & Elegant and Flip Clock)
Used for Little Worlds configuration purposes (storing of the selected images)

Prevent device from sleeping
This permission is required for every watch face and it is Google requirement.

Control of phone’s Flaslight (new interactive function)

Enable/Disable voice note recording (new interactive function)

Important Notice:
By using our applications users are bound by Google’s Terms of Service, Google Privacy Policy.

This statement describes our privacy policy.
Academy Extreme reserves the right to revise this policy at any time.
In order to receive latest privacy policy it is advised to visit Academy eXtreme websites.

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